Vehicle Sticker Removal For Your Car

Vehicle Sticker RemovalAs you all know, there are a large number of company vehicles throughout the country that are branded with company logo’s, sign writing and advertising. Espresso Carwash provides a vehicle sticker removal service to companies and individuals when they are selling or upgrading their fleet o vehicles or a particular company car.

The longer stickers are left on vehicles, the more difficult they are to remove. Old stickers often peel and flake off making it a very time consuming task, not to mention the potential to damage the paint trying to peel off stubborn bits of sticker.

We have the right tools and products to perform our vehicle sticker removal service and return your car back to how it used to look. Ideally, this service would be performed in conjunction with and prior to our Vehicle Polishing & Waxing service to help prevent any of the old stickers showing up once they are removed.

What Locations Provide Vehicle Sticker Removal?

All Espresso Carwash locations can perform our vehicle sticker removal service on your car. We have convenient locations situated nationwide and gift vouchers are available to purchase online. Click the link below to find a location nearest you and book an appointment.