This years conference was held in Queenstown a full attendance from all 15 franchisee’s, great times were had socialising as a group and with a full day on the Saturday attending to business matters with new innovative products and procedures to be introduced over the next few months also discussing the long term Espresso Carwash expansion plan.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention and congratulate our franchise relationship also friendship with a number of our long term franchisee’s Paul 12 years Clark (The Palms) Craig Freeman 11 years (Moorhouse Ave) Carl Gardine 10 years (Northlands Mall) Brooke Page 8 years (Ferrymead) and a number of 5 year plus franchisee’s.


Damian Curtain, NZ Franchise Company Director.

Espresso Carwash Franchisees

Tony & Margaret Doak, 2017 Excellence in customer service award  from Richmond Mall, Nelson

Rik Phillips, 2017 Recognition of achievement award from The Hub, Christchurch

Ravinder Singh, 2017 Recognition of achievement award

Craig Freeman 2017 Franchisee of the year from Moorhouse Ave location Christchurch

Pal Labang, 2017 Excellence in business development award from Auckland Airport