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At Espresso Car Wash we take pride in the range and quality of services we provide our customers. From regular washing to full detail grooms, we’ll keep your car looking its absolute best. Feel free to drop by to discuss your cleaning needs with our friendly staff.

Prestige Wash

Our most popular cleaning service, for customers who demand the very best. A wheel wash process that leaves rims sparkling, with deeper cleaning. Conditioning throughout the interior with clean interior door panels, interior plastics & pockets, air vents. Customers love that new car feeling.

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Classic Wash

Our standard interior and exterior clean for customers who regularly wash their cars. All external grime and debris removed as well as a vacuum service throughout the full interior of your car including footwells and boot.

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Express Wash (Exterior Hand Wash)

Our entry-level exterior-only clean for customers who are looking for a regular, quick wash. Our Express Wash will remove all external grime and debris and have your car sparkling like new again.

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At Espresso Car Wash we take pride in the range and quality of services we provide our customers. From regular washing to full detail grooms, we’ll keep your car looking its absolute best. Feel free to drop by to discuss your cleaning needs with our friendly staff.

Supreme Groom

Our premium vehicle package applies a longer lasting detailed hand protective wax polish to clean and enhance paintwork, with extreme attention to detail across the interior clean and vacuum.

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Full Interior

Does your interior need a thorough deep clean? This service includes a full vacuum, clean and conditioning treatment on all seats as well as carpets and mats. Dashboard, internal trims, door panels, pockets and plastics as well as all interior glass are included with this deluxe interior service.

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Elite Groom

Espresso Car Wash's most prestigious service. This groom has the works and is the absolute best in our fully detailed vehicle grooming. Full clean and polish protection with scratch and swirl mark reduction treatment to revitalise and restore colour and shine. You'll feel like you're getting into a different car.

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If you want the very best for your car, you’ve come to the right place. Espresso Car Wash is New Zealand’s leading professional car cleaning service and has been helping customers maintain the value of their cars for over 16 years.

100% committed to hand washing, Espresso Car Wash prides itself on delivering a quality and convenient experience with 18 locations throughout New Zealand.  Last year we helped more than 400,000 cars look like new again. 

Emma Louise Cooper
I had my seats cleaned, amazing job on cream interior and offered to return if they missed anything as hard to see when cream is wet. Can’t believe they got out so much dog hair and stains.
Moorhouse Ave Christchurch
Peter Roehlen
Thanks for the amazing job your guys at The Palms Christchurch did on my ute today. I would have thought it was beyond redemption given the state it was in but I felt like I was driving away in a new car.
The Palms Christchurch
Vishan deSilva
Thanks to the guys at botany Espresso Car Wash. It was well worth going there and getting my car cleaned from them. Great job done and I got one free pass for the movies as well. Staff is very friendly, Thanks guys…
Botany Downs Auckland
Rahun Tiwari
Thanks to Botany Espresso Car Wash for looking after my cars and I like their service too much so ended up gifting the carwash vouchers to my family on Christmas and for new year 2016
Botany Downs Auckland

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Our stores are sufficiently staffed to be able to perform any wash service without a booking. Booking online is available for the Express Wash, Classic Wash, Prestige Wash, & Supreme Groom. Our booking system ensures the customer allow a 2 hours “window” before arriving at the car wash. This is to allow due notice to our staff to prepare for the booking & to offer priority in accepting the vehicle. Payment is accepted by credit card or PayPal.

Yes simply go to the Espresso website and go to Online bookings. Here you will find an option to Change The booking.

Please note Espresso reserve the right to advise that heavily soiled vehicles, dog hair, tar & bug removal may attract additional charges for online bookings.

Car grooming is a specialised cleaning process that is essential for maintaining a car’s “as new” appearance, both internally and externally.

Where a regular car wash cleans, car grooming looks to remove blemishes, restore paintwork, and revitalise interiors from leather seats to plastic coverings.

Car grooming services are for customers who want their car to look the very best, whether for personal enjoyment or to increase resale value.

Interior detailing services include;

  • Cleaning & conditioning of dashboard & internal trims
  • Leather seat cleaning & conditioning treatment or shampoo all seats
  • Clean all interior door panels, pockets & plastics
  • Clean interior glass to remove smears and streaks

Exterior detailing services include;

  • Clay bar treatment that removes surface contaminants such as tar and tree sap
  • An all-over hand polish application that helps eliminate swirl marks

Our full detail service includes both interior and exterior detailing.  Check out our grooming service options below to find the one right for you.

Espresso Car Wash is New Zealand’s largest network of professional detailers and has been detailing cars to help them maintain that “as new” appearance since 2005.

As New Zealand’s leading hand car wash and detailing provider, Espresso uses only the best quality cleaning products and offers industry-leading staff training to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

Since car detailing is a more thorough process, it takes longer than a regular car wash. With locations in major shopping centres across New Zealand, customers can shop, catch up with friends or even grab a movie while their car is lovingly restored.