New Zealand is a land of amazing beauty that ignites the spirit of adventure in us all. We can traverse through snow covered mountain roads one day and explore the remote outback the next. The ongoing popularity of SUVs is testament to our love of the great outdoors.

It is important to be aware that driving through harsh terrains can introduce elements that are be detrimental to your vehicle. Fine dust from dirt roads can invade all areas of your vehicle including the interior. After rain, mud can build up inside the wheel arches. Salt and sand can attach to the underbody after a beach drive.

To avoid the damaging effects of these elements, it is important to take the correct measures to protect your vehicle prior to your trip away and to correctly clean it upon your return.

A pre-trip clean is a smart part of vehicle preparation. A good car wash, including a protective polish, will help protect your vehicle’s paintwork from the staining effects of red dust and bug splatter. Polish is also a remarkable product in aiding the removal of these contaminants upon returning from your trip. Our Supreme Groom contains fillers that provide a long-lasting layer of protection, acting as a barrier on your vehicle’s paintwork.

The interior leather should be treated with a conditioner prior to your trip to help resist dust ingress. This also provides a significant barrier against water penetration from damp swimsuits and towels.

The correct cleaning process is also important after returning home. Mud build-up needs to be carefully removed in such a way as to prevent scratches to painted surfaces. This usually involves extended soaking of all muddy clumps followed by adequate attention with a lubricating foam shampoo. A similar theory follows for the removal of bugs from the front of the vehicle. Often a clay bar is used for contaminant removal followed by an appropriate polish to restore a sparkling shine. Any underbody sand and salt needs to be removed promptly to avoid the risk of rust formation. A thorough high-pressure underbody clean can assist with this.

Your vehicle interior will often have a light coating of dust after a trip away. This requires a detailed process of vacuuming and wiping to remove these finer dust particles. The process requires a powerful vacuum with a variety of attachments to reach difficult areas. The electronic Sat Nav screen will no doubt need to be cleaned but with extreme care to avoid damaging its surface. Also be careful when cleaning the interior windows with tinting – they are prone to both chemical damage and scratching. To assist with removing mud and dust from your holiday adventure, we offer a Full Detail service. This is our most comprehensive package providing the utmost in both interior and exterior cleaning. It includes a full Polish, Leather Conditioning and fabric shampoo to once again give your vehicle that new car feeling.

Look after your vehicle and it will take you on many exciting journeys and provide many years of happy motoring.



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