It’s vital you have your car’s engine cleaned and detailed to protect your coveted vehicle and major investment. This process ensures the engine runs at its most efficient peak, and additionally makes it easier to spot potential leaks and prevents damage caused by dirt and debris. If you plan on eventually selling your vehicle, a spotless engine bay will help you get the best return.

We know you’ll likely be keen to get this sorted as soon as possible by yourself, but engine cleaning can be a tough technical job. Espresso Car Wash are here to give your car outstanding professional engine detailing at a competitive price.

What is Engine Detailing?

An engine bay clean, sometimes referred to as engine detailing, is how we keep your car’s engine looking fresh and in great working order. The more you drive your car, the more dirt and grime builds up on the engine and everything else under the hood in the engine bay. An engine clean is a full sweep of all components, making sure they are washed, scrubbed and degreased to keep them functioning as intended. It will also look amazing when you lift the lid!

This cleaning process involves technical aspects that may feel intimidating to inexperienced motorists. Giving the engine full detailing requires a quality degreaser and a pressure washer or steamer. Some steps involve disconnecting and removing electronics and covering immovable electronics to protect them from moisture during the wash. If done incorrectly, you will likely soak the electronics which would result in serious damage to the car. Whenever possible, we recommend leaving engine cleaning to the pros!

Why You need Engine Detailing

It may not seem obvious at first, but engine detailing does more than simply keep the engine looking clean. When we clean a car engine bay, we identify and deal with:

  • Dirt build-up – Excess dirt heats the engine up more than if it were clean. This can lead to your engine depreciating faster than it should.
  • Oil leaks – A clean engine makes it far easier to spot leaks in the engine. If you go without noticing a leak, it may cause serious issues to the car with an expensive outcome.
  • Nests and critters – Sometimes animals will make their home in your car. They might have evacuated the vehicle by the time you start it up again, but the twigs and dirt they leave deep in the engine bay can heat up to the point of combustion. Rodents may also cause problems with your electronics if they start chewing cables.
  • Any problems that would result in your car failing its Warrant of Fitness. If any of the problems above are serious enough, your car may not be deemed road legal.

And finally, feeling proud about your motor is not just about admiring the exterior – it extends to what’s under the hood too!

How Espresso Car Wash clean an Engine Bay

At Espresso Car Wash, we are experts in 100% hand washes and premium car detailing. If your engine is looking worn down or grimey, we will bring it back to life with our professional engine detailing services.

Trying to clean your car’s engine at home can result in major damage if you fail to cover the electronics or flood the engine bay with a high-pressure hose. We take the utmost care to ensure your car is returned to you in full working order and looking and performing better than you left it.

Our professional engine detailing follows a tried a tested method. We first cover electronics and wiring. Then we carry out a thorough rinse of the engine bay to remove excess dirt. We use quality shampoo and degreasers to scrub any remaining grime with detailing brushes. After, we shoot compressed air into the hard-to-reach places to remove the remaining moisture. We finally detail the engine bay and restore its sparkling finish.

If you would like your engine professionally detailed by our expert technicians, book online today or visit your nearest Espresso Car Wash branch.


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