Restoring Your Faded or Yellow Headlights

Are the headlights of your vehicle starting to look cloudy, yellow, or foggy? If your headlights look discoloured or you’re having trouble seeing the road, it may be time to get your headlights checked and professionally restored.

Fading or yellowing headlights are the result of oxidation on the outer cover of your headlights. Not only does this oxidation look unattractive, but it can also lead to a dangerous reduction in visibility while driving at night or in bad weather.

Our professional car detailing service can restore your dim or yellow headlights to like-new condition while helping you avoid the cost of headlight replacement.

Our Restoration Process

  • Preparation stage: The area around your headlights and your vehicle’s hood will be carefully covered and protected before the restoration process begins.
  • Headlight restoration – Different grits of specialty sandpaper are used to remove all signs of oxidation including yellowing, UV damage, and scratches.
  • Lens restoration – Professional tools and our special lens restoration process are used to buffer and restore your lens.
  • Polish – Once the headlight is restored, a quality wax or sealant is applied to provide longer lasting protection.

Recommended Packages

Headlight restoration – From $95

Super Deluxe Wash – Interior & exterior clean for cars that require a little extra attention, from $109 

Supreme Groom – Our premium interior and exterior package with the application of an all over duco protective wax polish to clean and enhance paintwork, from $184


The service takes around 30-60 minutes to complete. Our professional detailers will provide a complete restoration of your headlights, not just a quick polish or buff.

Cleaning the inside of the headlights is not necessary as the oxidation and yellowing of the headlight occurs on the outer cover of your headlights.
If there is condensation on the inside of the headlights, then the entire headlight will likely need to be replaced.

A quick polish will momentarily remove the yellowing and fading from your headlights, but it won’t be long before they become dull and yellow once more.
Our professional car detailers have extensive knowledge in headlight restoration including how to improve your headlight’s resistance to oxidation so that it is far less likely to occur again.

What You Can Expect


Why Choose Us for your Headlight Restoration?

Restoring your vehicle’s headlights is an important part of car maintenance that will keep you and others safe while on the road.

Although you can attempt to restore or replace your headlights yourself, it is a dirty and time-consuming job. People inexperienced with headlight restoration risk damaging their vehicle’s paintwork or the headlights themselves.

As New Zealand’s leading professional hand wash and detailing provider, we’re experts in headlight restoration. Our expert detailers will return the shine back to your headlights while providing you with better visibility while on the road.

If you would like your own headlights restored by our expert detailers, book online today or visit your nearest Espresso Car Wash branch.


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