There is something special that accompanies the ownership of a classic car. An appreciation for design that captured the imagination of the automotive industry at a particular moment in time.

Espresso Car Wash has the pleasure of regularly detailing this exquisite 1968 Aston Martin DB6 at our Orakei Bay location in Auckland. It is one of a number of classic vehicles we are privileged to see and take great pride in pampering.

One of the key aspects of detailing any car is to clean it while also retaining its original visual appearance. This is especially important for classic vehicles where original presentation is paramount.

For cleaning and conditioning the seats of this Aston Martin DB6, our leather products contain the perfect balance of oils and UV agents that highlight the beautiful textures associated with aged English leather. The original feel and scent remain true to the day of purchase.

The wheel spokes, a highlight of this particular vehicle, are individually cleaned and polished by hand to maintain their shine. The result being an additional spectacular highlight on an already stunning vehicle.

To maintain the lustre of the paintwork, this Aston Martin DB6 is washed and polished regularly using our pH neutral shampoos and the best protective waxes. This is especially important to ensure any contaminants are removed before they can cause damage to the paintwork. The products are skilfully applied with woollen mitts and applicators for an effective, long-lasting gloss. The end result being a showroom finish that defies this vehicle’s age.

To meet the expectations this Aston Martin owner and all our customers, Espresso is committed to the highest attention to detail with every vehicle it cleans. You can rest assured your car will be perfectly cleaned regardless of its age.

Espresso is committed to the highest attention to detail with every vehicle it cleans to meet the expectations of this Aston Martin owner and all our customers.

You can rest assured that whatever your car, it will be cleaned with passion and pride.


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