Centre Place

Location600/501 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central
Hamilton 3204, New Zealand

LocationGround Floor Car Park Entrance


Car Washing and Detailing Services

Wax & Polish

Cut & Polish

Engine Bay Clean

Headlight Restoration

Air Con Treatment


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Centre Place

Espresso Car Wash is New Zealand’s leading professional car hand wash & grooming provider. Our Centre Place store is one of many providing high-quality services across the country. We offer a variety of premium 100% hand wash and car grooming services to satisfy your needs including; wax & polish, cut & polish, engine bay clean, headlight restoration and air con treatment.
We provide grooming packages tailored to your requirements, as well as a fast, friendly and convenient service. Our highly-trained team of professionals are more than capable of taking care of your car, no matter how big the job. With our passion to leave you with a smile, we are dedicated to offering you the best car wash experience Centre Place has to offer.

If you want to enjoy that ‘new car’ feeling, we will help restore your car to its showroom look and feel once more with our professional interior and exterior car valeting services. Unlike regular car washes that only surface clean your vehicle, our car care experts will remove stains, swirl marks and blemishes, restore the shine to your paintwork and leave your car in its best possible condition.

Your car deserves nothing but the best. Book online to have your car professionally restored by our expert technicians at our Centre Place store.