With Espresso Car Wash you’ll enjoy:

  • A wash service for every budget, from Express Wash to Supreme Groom
  • SMS when ready service
  • Loyalty points with every wash
  • The confidence of washing with the best, last year we washed over 400,000 cars
  • Unrivalled grooming experience from New Zealand’s largest hand car wash provider

Introducing New Zealand’s most popular hand wash – the Super Dexluxe – from just $104

Exterior Wash Service
  • High-pressure rinse to remove built-up grime & debris
  • All-over exterior wash using quality mitts/sponges & PH neutral shampoos
  • Acid wheel treatment – more detailed wheel wash process that removes grime & brake dust
    leaving sparkling clean rims
  • Silicon wheel arches
Exterior Finish
  • Apply tyre shine for a long-lasting shine to match your clean vehicle
  • Exterior windows & side mirrors checked & cleaned
  • Chamois and cotton towel dry
Vehicle Interior
  • Vacuum interior including all mats, footwells, seats & boot
  • Clean interior glass to remove smears and streaks
  • Cleaning of dashboard, console and air vents
  • Clean interior door panels, plastics and pockets
  • Clean Door Shuts

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