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Wash Services

Prestige Wash (Interior & Exterior Plus)

Our most popular cleaning service, for customers who demand the very best.  A wheel wash process that leaves rims sparkling, with cleaning throughout the interior. Customers love that new car feeling.


Classic Wash (Entry Level Exterior & Interior)

Our standard interior and exterior clean for customers who regularly wash their cars. All external grime and debris removed as well as a vacuum service throughout the full interior of your car including footwells and boot.


Express Wash (Exterior Hand Wash)

Our entry-level exterior-only clean for customers who are looking for a regular, quick wash. Our Express Wash will remove all external grime and debris and have your car sparkling like new again.


Express Wash plus Vac

Our entry-level exterior wash but with an interior vacuum as well to get rid of the worst of the grass, the dust and the crumbs!



Detailing Services

Supreme Groom

Our premium vehicle package applies a longer lasting duco protective wax polish to clean and enhance paintwork, with attention to detail across the interior clean and vacuum.


Elite Groom

Espresso Car Wash’s most prestigious service.  Full clean and polish protection with scratch and swirl mark reduction treatment to revitalise and restore colour and shine. You’ll feel like you’re getting into a different car.


Prestige Interior

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  Well, isn’t that true for your car too?  Espresso Car Wash is delighted to launch a new interior-only service, for when you just can’t take any more of the grass and the crumbs.


Full Interior incl Shampoo or Leather Treatment

Does your interior need a thorough deep clean?  This service includes a full vacuum, clean and conditioning treatment on all seats as well as carpets and mats.  Dashboard, internal trims, door panels, pockets and plastics as well as all interior glass are included with this deluxe interior service.


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