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What is car grooming?

Car grooming is a specialised cleaning process that is essential for maintaining a car’s “as new” appearance, both internally and externally.

Where a regular car wash cleans, car grooming looks to remove blemishes, restore paintwork, and revitalise interiors from leather seats to plastic coverings.

Car grooming services are for customers who want their car to look the very best, whether for personal enjoyment or to increase resale value.

Interior detailing services include;

  • Cleaning & conditioning of dashboard & internal trims
  • Leather seat cleaning & conditioning treatment or shampoo all seats
  • Clean all interior door panels, pockets & plastics
  • Clean interior glass to remove smears and streaks

Exterior detailing services include;

  • Clay bar treatment that removes surface contaminants such as tar and tree sap
  • An all-over hand polish application that helps eliminate swirl marks

Our full detail service includes both interior and exterior detailing.  Check out our grooming service options below to find the one right for you.

Supreme Groom

Our premium vehicle package

$209 for Sedan and

$229 for SW/4WD/Vans/SUV

Exterior Wash Service
Exterior Finish cont.
Interior Service
Polish Service

Elite Groom

Our most prestigious service


Exterior Wash Service
Exterior Finish
Exterior Finish
Interior Service

Full Detail

From exterior detail to interior detail, save $55 when you choose full detail services.

Prestige Interior

Interior-only clean

From $90 for Sedan and

$95 for SW/4WD/Vans/SUV

Interior Service

Full Interior incl Shampoo or Leather Treatment

Extra interior detailing attention

From $274 for Sedan and

$312 for SW/4WD/Vans/SUV

Interior Service

Please note that Pet Hair Removal will incur extra costs.

Paint Protection

Unrivalled protection against the elements


Exterior Wash Service
Exterior Finish
Exterior Finish


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Why choose Espresso Car Wash for your car detail?

Espresso Car Wash is New Zealand’s largest network of professional detailers and has been detailing cars to help them maintain that “as new” appearance since 2005.

As New Zealand’s leading hand car wash and detailing provider, Espresso uses only the best quality cleaning products and offers industry-leading staff training to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

Since car detailing is a more thorough process, it takes longer than a regular car wash.  With locations in major shopping centres across New Zealand, customers can shop, catch up with friends or even grab a movie while their car is lovingly restored