Pet Hair Removal For Your Vehicle

Pet Hair RemovalIf you’re a proud dog owner, at some point you have probably faced the seemingly impossible task of removing pet hair from your car’s seats and carpets. There are a variety of solutions for this, unfortunately, most of them are equally time consuming and rather tedious. Vacuuming is usually a good place to start but seldom gets rid of the majority of the mess left behind and will likely leave the smaller hairs behind.

Luckily, Espresso Carwash have the correct tools and equipment to do the job properly. Our pet hair removal service will leave the interior of your vehicle looking like there was never a pet in there at all. We also provide leather conditioning and restoration and odour eliminator services to keep your car smelling fresh and new and to keep any leather surfaces crack free and looking its best.

What Locations Provide Pet Hair Removal?

All Espresso Carwash locations can perform our pet hair removal treatment on the interior of your vehicle. We have convenient locations situated nationwide and gift vouchers are available to purchase online. Click the link below to find a location nearest you and book an appointment.